marți, 17 septembrie 2013

Rebel Wilson covers New York Magazine

With her new comedy "Super Fun Night" slated to premiere on October 2nd, Rebel Wilson pitched in on promotions by covering the latest issue of New York Magazine.
While rocking a few poses for the Robert Maxwell-shot spread, the "Pitch Perfect" actress chatted about the show and her new fame in the USA.
On her role as Kimmie: "In the pilot, I was deliberately wearing a very tight white dress with horrible crisscross black stripes that is way too short, and I’m holding a clutch purse that is so tiny that it accentuates my size. The women from wardrobe are lovely, but they don’t get that I want to dress as Kimmie, and Kimmie does not have the best taste. The girls in the show are at the bottom of the social pole, and it’s hard to communicate that to the network. It’s important they understand that comedy is not about looking good."
On the show:
"During the making of the pilot, I was so frustrated. I was thinking, 'Why are these network shows so crap?' As a creative person, it can make you insane to have 50 people in suits, who aren't in comedy, feeling that they have a say in every aspect of the show. The people who bought it keep telling me, 'You can't say that. And you can't do that.' So one day, I sat down and wrote a Post-it and put it in my Hello Kitty notebook, which I take everywhere. Whenever I feel down, I read the Post-it and I remember why I'm doing the show. 'Super Fun Night' may not work, but I have to try. I will not be able to ease off the accelerator until they start to get who Kimmie is."
On the Post-it's words:
"The bigger purpose in all of this is to inspire girls who don't think they're socially all that - who don't think they're pretty and popular. To let them know they can have fun and exciting lives."
On her popularity since "Pitch Perfect":
"When I had the opportunity to do my own show, 'Pitch Perfect' hadn't come out. I wasn't known in America until 'Pitch Perfect' came out, and by that point, I had already signed up for seven years on this TV deal. If I'd known how quickly I was going to ascend in movies, I might have not done TV, but who knows? The show could get canceled at any moment."


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