miercuri, 25 septembrie 2013

Vanessa Hudgens performs at Bootsy Bellows club

Here come the girls: The single with racy lyrics is set to enter the Top 20 on Billboards Dance club chart this weekend
She left her Disney past well and truly behind earlier in the year when she provided vocals and starred in the raunchy video for girl group YLA’s single $$$ex.
And showing that her racier self is here to stay Vanessa Hudgens made sure she put on quite the show as she took to the stage with the five-piece at Bootsy Bellows club in Los Angeles on Tuesday.
Wearing a saucy and skin showing ensemble the 24-year-old raised temperature with some bumping and grinding as she performed.
Back on stage: Vanessa hasn't sung for over four years and this marked her return
Spring breakers: The track was inspired by Vanessa's last film Spring Breakers
Wild thing: Vanessa certainly knows how to get the crowd going with her sexy moves
Over the knee: Vanessa added even more sex appeal to her look with a pair of boots

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