duminică, 22 septembrie 2013

Harry Styles enjoys quality time in Los Angeles before heading to Australia

Harry Styles and his male pal carry handfuls of takeaway bags after a food-run in Los Angeles on Saturday
Looks like someone’s worked up quite an appetite.
Indeed, One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles appeared have splashed out on enough takeaway food to feed a veritable army on Saturday – just hours before he set off for Australia with his band-mates. 
The 19-year-old looked like he was enjoying his final day of relative peace and quiet before madness descends when the group take to the stage in Adelaide for what will be the first show on the final leg of their Take Me Home would tour. 
Harry and his pal appeared to having a discussion as they made their way to a local takeaway
Harry and his older pal make their way back home after stepping out to pick up some food on Saturday
Harry cradles a pizza box in one hand while carrying a paper bag containing takeaway food in other
Harry Styles heads for home after picking up food from a local takeaway
Harry Styles doesn't appear keen to have his photo taken after touching down in Adelaide on Sunday

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