miercuri, 25 septembrie 2013

Madonna parties with Sean Penn and Lindsay Lohan at Secret Project Revolution launch

Not awkward at all: Madonna was supported by her ex husband - the actor Sean Penn
They had one of the most tumultuous marriages in Tinseltown history, but Madonna and Sean Penn showed nothing but love for each other last night (September 24) in New York City.
The “Like a Virgin” songstress invited her “Mystic River” actor ex-hubby to attend the launch of her Secret Project Revolution film premiere at the Gagosian Gallery, and thankfully he obliged.
And according to eyewitnesses, there’s still quite a spark between the former spouses, who divorced back in 1989.
Also in the house for the big shindig were Lindsay Lohan, Zachary Quinto, and Anderson Cooper.
Madonna and me: Lindsay Lohan posed up with Madonna at the Gagosian Gallery in NYC to debut the singers 17-minute short filmsecretprojectrevolution on Tuesday
Mother and son: Rocco joined his mother on stage to take part in a performance
Listen up son: Madonna chatted away to her son Rocco who took part in the show after the screening
Introduction: Madonna spoke a little bit about the 17 minute short
Low-key: All of the guests including Madonna herself wore black outfits for the event
Dramatic: Madonna pretended to collapse on stage as she was escorted off by two gentlemen dressed as police men
Covered up: As per usual Madonna kept her hands covered by a pair of lacy looking gloves
Letting her hair down: Madonna was seen enjoying a drink following the successful showing

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