marți, 24 septembrie 2013

Jessie J performst at the iTunes Festival

On the lookout: Jessie J looks into the crowd as she sings as part of day 23 of the iTunes Festival at The Roundhouse
Jessie J is used to being dressed in fashion-forward, provocative outfits whilst performing on stage.
And the iTunes Festival was no different as she appeared in a sheer white bodysuit, with a pair of hotpants and a crop top to cover her modesty.
Dressed in the revealing ensemble, the 25-year-old star was bumping and grinding along to her tunes as she owned the Roundhouse stage in Camden on Monday night.
Bump and grind: Jessie J bump and grinds to her tracks as scores of fans take photos on their iPhones
Shake it! Jessie J knows how to work an audience as she struts up and down the stage to get the energy going at the Roundhouse in Camden
What a performer: Jessie J performed live on day 23 of the iTunes Festival at The Roundhouse, Camden, on Monday

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