marți, 17 septembrie 2013

Pink was named Billboard's 2013 Woman of the Year

Her influence on the pop music industry is undeniable, and Pink just added Billboard’s 2013 Woman of the Year to her resume.
Coming up on December 10th, the “So What” singer will be honored at the Women in Music celebration in New York City, and Billboard’s editorial director Bill Werde noted that Pink’s massive success over the past year made her the natural choice.
“When our 2013 mid-year numbers were released, she had the top-selling album and song for a woman, and a blockbuster, sold-out, international arena tour. Combine all of this with a spirit that inspires fans of every stripe, and you arrive at the remarkable package that is Pink. She will undoubtedly continue to accomplish great milestones in the years to come.”
After hearing the news, Pink gushed, “I was absolutely shocked and surprised to hear that Billboard named me Woman of the Year. It’s been an incredible year and I feel so grateful to radio for sticking by me, and to the fans and friends and all of the incredible talent that I was fortunate enough to work with for this album.”

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