luni, 30 septembrie 2013

Rihanna releases photos from Pour it Up music video

'Late night treat?' Rihanna indulged her doting fans with a series of behind the scenes snaps from her Pour It Up music video on Saturday, wearing a revealing fishnet bodysuit
Nobody sexes up social media quite like Rihanna.
On Saturday the singer continued her reign as Queen of the 'selfies' as she treated her millions of followers to a series of sizzling behind the scenes snaps from her latest music video, Pour It Up.
The 25-year-old expertly posed in two alluring 1920s flapper style outfits, including a barely-there fishnet bodysuit under which she appeared to be naked.
Ready for her close up: In another series of snaps, the 25-year-old songstress wears a 1920's style flapper ensemble and smokes something or other
Hello, back there: Rihanna showed off her taut body in the barely-there bodysuit
And more: The star continued to show off her stunning body and collected posture in this sexy snap
Slippery: Rihanna shared the moment when her makeup artist Lora was lathering her up with oil
Working it: The star had her 1920's flapper poses down-pat for the video shoot
Sexy: The Pour It Up singer showed off her epic body in the tiny lavender coloured suit

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