joi, 26 septembrie 2013

Lorde features in Teen Vogue magazine

She's been enjoying the success of her hit single "Royals" and now Lorde scored a feature in the October 2013 issue of Teen Vogue magazine.
During her interview with the publication, the 16-year-old singer opened up about the meaning behind her music and even reveals how she came up with her stage name.
On her career: "I started writing music when I was around twelve. My current record company saw a video of me performing at my school's talent show. My lyrics are about something that's happened to me or a friend. I've been told by people my age that they can relate to stuff I'm saying, which is so important to me. But my friends get annoyed. They're like, 'You can't write about us in songs anymore. People are going to hear it!'"
On her favorite store:
"I love thrift shopping. You can get ten things because everything costs, like, three dollars. I feel weird spending money on myself—my first big purchase will be a double bed! I like simple clothes, but sometimes I'll go for a goth-witch vibe."
On creating Lorde:
"I came up with the name Lorde after looking through aristocratic titles. 'Lord' is a super masculine word, so I added an 'e' to make it feminine. [Her real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor.] I like the musician James Blake, but I also listen to Drake and Nicki Minaj. For me, rapping is a barely contained dream. When it comes to career goals, if I think of myself as cool in five years, then I'm doing all right."

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