luni, 23 septembrie 2013

Rihanna performs at the Singapore Grand Prix

She's no shrinking violet: Rihanna first turned up on stage with a green cape around her neck and bizarre glasses on her face
It was a weekend full of fast cars and many motors racing as the Singapore Grand Prix sped into town.
But when the latest Formula 1 episode was over things still got racy thanks to singing superstar Rihanna.
She was in charge of the entertainment after Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel won yet another race.
Quirky moves: The singer went all out as usual as she flamboyantly belted out her hits
Showing off her moves: Rihanna gave an energetic show down with her backing dancers copying her moves behind her
Sultry: She jumped around on stage at Marina Bay in Singapore, where the Grand Prix had earlier taken place
Dressed up: The racing drivers may have been the stars of the day but Rihanna soon took over proceedings
Show stopper: Before she arrived in Singapore Rihanna made sure she had some holiday time in Thailand on the way there
Entertainer: She took off her green coat to reveal her quirky baggy mini-dress underneath

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