miercuri, 25 septembrie 2013

Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes confirm their relationship on Twitter

They made such sweet music together on the hit single “Almost is Never Enough,” and now Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes have let the cat out of the bag regarding their romance.
The “Tattooed Heart” songstress and the Wanted hunk both took to their Twitter accounts to put an end to the speculation and confirm the rampant rumors.
Grande tweeted, “we hesitated saying anything as people can be a bit insensitive but thank u we value all of your happiness, thank you for valuing ours <3 :)”
Shortly thereafter, Nathan posted, “So, I guess it’s obvious now…thanks to everyone who is being so lovely. I’m so happy <3 #butweareterrified #pleasedontkillme #orariana.”

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