duminică, 30 iunie 2013

Adele tattoed 'Paradise' on her hand

Rolling in the ink: Adele showed off new tattoo as she posed with celebrity ink artist Bang Bang
Adele has never really been one to conform to industry stereotypes so it seems strange that she has decided to copy Lana Del Rey with a piece of body art. 
The 25-year-old singer showed off her new tattoo in a picture posted to Facebook by celebrity ink artist Bang Bang. 
In the snap the tattooist is seen pointing at the hitmaker as she shows off the word 'Paradise' on the outside edge of her left hand.

Selena Gomez at Liberty State Park for Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular

Red, white, and blue: Selena Gomez looked patriotic in her bra-top and high-low skirt during a pre-taped concert Saturday at Liberty State Park for Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular
Temperatures in New York City soared to 80 degrees on Saturday.
And Selena Gomez looked red hot in her bra-top and high-low skirt during a pre-taped concert at Liberty State Park for Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular.
Rock 'n' roll: Selena partakes in a spot of headbanging
Whip your hair: Selena gives good hairography
In the holiday spirit: Selena was pre-recording a gig for the 4th July holiday

Miley Cyrus at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party

Chameleon: The former Disney star has transformed her look with punk as well as hip-hop inspired trends
She's proudly paraded her slim figure as she transforms herself from Disney star into a punk princess.
And there's no stopping Miley Cyrus from putting on another little black ensemble as she continues to party under the sun in Miami.
On Saturday she was spotted at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party at the Fontainbeau in Miami Beach wearing a strappy Versace dress that left little to the imagination.
Stage beauty: Miley made a playful face as she stood on stage alongside co-host LL Cool J
Legs for days: The Last Song actress elongated her slim legs with a pair of simple heels
Miley Cyrus got on the mic while hosting the Y100 Mack-A-Palooza pool party in Miami.
Tiny: The blonde looked super slender in her all black outfit with platform heels
Rocking her engagement ring: Miley Cyrus got on the mic while hosting the Y100 Mack-A-Palooza pool party in Miami Monday
All strapped in: Miley Cyrus played host at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party the the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida on Saturday

Rita Ora at Glastonbury

Yellow: The singer looked great in her outfit - complete with light cardigan and statement jewellery
It's difficult to know if Rita Ora is trying to go incognito or if she is trying to achieve as much attention as possible.
The Shine Ya Light babe was spotted in TWO attention grabbing costumes at Glastonbury festival on Saturday afternoon.
But while the 22-year-old hid under a hat while wearing a yellow outfit, she had earlier been wearing a different outfit - so could have been trying to throw fans off by mixing things up.
Delightful: Rita looked really fantastic in her outfit, in a pleasing colour and making the most of her enviable figure
Just lovely: The R.I.P singer looked F.A.B in her pleasing outfit at Glasto on Saturday

Taecyeon and So Yi Hyun Look Hot in Police Uniforms for “Who Are You” Stills

Ok Taecyeon (of 2PM) and So Yi Hyun have sported police uniforms in newly released stills for the upcoming tvN drama, “Who Are You.”
Both Taecyeon and So Yi Hyun look strong and charismatic in their uniforms. So Yi Hyun pulls off the policewoman look as she glows in confidence and beauty. Taecyeon’s muscular body and handsome looks also shine more in the uniform. Both stars revealed that it is their first time wearing uniforms while acting.
“Who Are You” is a supernatural melodrama about Si On (played by So Yi Hyun), a girl who awoke from a six-year coma and has the ability to see ghosts and Gun Woo (played by Ok Taecyeon), who only believes in practical and tangible things that can be seen and touched. Both Si On and Gun Woo only have one thing in common–being a policeman. As they clash and argue about many things while trying to work together as a team, they grow to understand each other and later on, fall in love.
“Who Are You” will air its pilot on July 29 after “Dating Agency: Cyrano” comes to an end.


JYJ Junsu’s Mother Thought of Some Fans as Future Daughter-in-Laws

Recently, the story of JYJ‘s Junsu gifting his mother with a house has been featured in the July edition of “Housewife Living” magazine.
Kim Junsu’s mother sat down for an interview for the magazine and shared that as an grade-schooler, Junsu promised his mother that he would buy her a picturesque house when he grows up.
Junsu’s mother, Yoon Young Mi, also revealed that she thinks of Junsu’s fans like family. She even has over 60,000 followers on Twitter.
Junsu’s mother commented, “When I see fans approaching me and calling me ‘mother,’ they are so lovable. There are so many fans that seem like my daughters and fans that I want to have as my daughter-in-law. There are fans who say that their depression got better because of Junsu and fans who say that Junsu is like their life’s energy. Every time I hear those stories, I get so happy and thankful. I hope all the fans will be happy as well and be healthy.”


2AM’s Jinwoon Talks About Showing Skin with Go Jun Hee

2AM‘s Jinwoon attracted media attention when he said he’d be willing to show some skin with his TV-wife Go Jun Hee, from the program “We Got Married.

In the fourth season of “We Got Married,” three competing couples – Jung Chi &Jung InTaemin & Son Na Eun, and Jinwoon & Go Jun Hee - were told that the couples photoshoot would be an upcoming mission for the show. When they heard that the best photo shoot would feature on the front page of the illustrative magazine, each of the couples burned with ambition to win and be acknowledged as the best-looking couple of the show.
Jinwoon especially demonstrated his desire to win during a meeting with the magazine photographer when he strongly insisted, “I would even be willing to expose myself in order to win the spot on the front page.”
The photo set of the handsome Jinwoon & Go Jun Hee couple – with their model heights and figures – will broadcast on June 29 at 5:10pm

sâmbătă, 29 iunie 2013

2NE1's CL interview for Billboard

CL is once more featured in Billboard. She's now asked about being “The Baddest Female”, women empowerment and her ideal guy.

CL shared that she wants to change the stereotyped image of Asian women. She said, "I want people to know that there are girls in Asia, like me, who like hip-hop and dress differently.”
Regarding the difference of CL and Lee Chaelin, she explained, “There are always two sides to a person. I am CL and Chaelin at the same time. But ‘The Baddest Female’ represents CL more than Chaelin. In reality, my personality and lifestyle as Chaelin are completely different from CL's. But I want people to see me as CL on stage and in my music.”
Guys, read carefully. CL revealed the guy that she wants to fall for. She unveiled, ” It’s important to be with someone you can communicate with, you can build lasting memories and truthfully enjoy spending time with. Outer appearance or his finances doesn't matter to me. I earn my own money, so I don't really care [laughs].”
Watch further below:

Girls' Generation's Seohyun & Yuri show Korean football team some love

Girls' Generation's Seohyun and Yuri recorded a video message to support South Korea's team for the '2013 EAFF East Asian Cup'. 

Check out the video message below.


Big Bang's Taeyang to release 2nd album in September

It's going to be a back-to-back album release with Big Bang's G-Dragon and Taeyang.

YG has announced that G-Dragon is going to release his 2nd album on August 18 in line with the celebration of his 25th birthday. They've also confirmed that he'll be working with international performer and producer Missy Elliot.

Aside from this, they also release the expected date for Taeyang's 2nd album. They revealed that they are planning to release it in the beginning of September. This is the first one in 3 years after he released his first solo album in 2010.


Yoona and Kai did the "Gwiyomi Song" in Korea-China Friendship concert!

SNSD's Yoona and EXO's Kai do the cutest gwiyomi in the recently concluded Korea-China Frienship Concert in Beijing, China.

After a cool dance performance of Baby Don't Cry, EXO's Kai, (although embarrassed) made fans giddy with his cute "gwiyomi" while following Yoona's song.

Check her clip below (starts at 1:35):


President Park Geun Hye surprises Super Junior, SNSD, 2PM, SISTAR and others at Beijing concert

On June 28, Korea-China Friendship Concert was attended by top Kpop idols such as Super Junior, Girls Generation, 2PM, SISTAR, EXO, Teen Top, MBLAQ and others in Beijing.

South Korea's President Park Geun Hye appeared as a surprised guest and watched the concert. It didn't end in there, as the idols were on their waiting rooms, the president arrived and greet each one of them and thanked them for spreading Korean wave. Though surprised, the idols are honored to have the opportunity to take photos with their president.

Check the photos below:


Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Seen Out Shopping

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun is “head over heels” over shopping, quite literally.
According to Ilgan Sports, on June 25, Seohyun was seen at the Seoul Gangnam Keum Kwang shoe store in a cute outfit.
She wore a cool, yellow toned sleeveless blouse perfect for the summer. She paired the shirt with a pair of lace, white colored shorts. To complete the look, she wore a pair of reddish pink heels. Seohyun’s slim figure and fashion style made her stand out immediately among the crowds.
She looked at multiple pairs of shoes, such as wedges and strapped sandals. She tried them on, one by one, and looked in the mirror after putting each pair on. Seohyun looked very carefree as she shopped and took some time for herself.
An employee at the shop said, “Seohyun’s sense of fashion is quite impressive. Every pair of shoes that she picked was a hit this season with our other customers. The favorite that she picked out, a pair of high black wedges, is so sophisticated, trendy, and yet also comfortable. She will certainly turn heads.”


EXO′s Chanyeol Studied Real Wolves to Prepare for ‘Wolf’

Going from boys to wolves, EXO appeared in on Mnet America’s Jjang! for another fun-filled interviewed.
On episode 41 of Jjang, the EXO members talked about its newest song, Wolf, as well as working hard to become wolves themselves. Chanyeol actually revealed that he watched a lot of videos of wolves just to learn their characteristics and habits so that theWolf choreography can be more realistic than ever. 

Meanwhile, Baekhyun expressed his hopes to star in a food CF, while Lu Han impressed everyone with his duck sounds. 

Check out the charming interview below!


vineri, 28 iunie 2013

Super Junior Heads to Beijing, Natthew Gets His Hair Done and More

U-Kiss’ Kevin showed off his Spanish skills by tweeting a photo on June 28 along with the message, “Hoy fue a piramides de Teotihuacan! Fue muy bonito~ hehe. I went to the pyramids in Mexico today! Isn’t the scenery beautiful?^^”
Super Junior’s Choi Siwon tweeted a photo from another part of the world on June 28, writing “see you soon Beijing. two competitors here.”
B2ST’s Gi Kwang tweeted a selca on June 28 with the message, “Stare down, call?”
Members Yo Seop and Dong Woon were caught playing with their food as indicated by a photo Yo Seop posted on Instagram with the caption, “Playing with cone crackers with Dong Woon. Bbuing ㅋ.”
Teen Top’s L.Joe tweeted a photo on June 27 with the message, “Mr. Bang, who’s exercising ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.”
Meanwhile, Chunji tweeted a selca on June 27 with a simple “ㅋ.”
B.A.P’s Dae Hyun tweeted a photo on June 27 with the message, “Hat-wearing brothers.”
SISTAR’s Soyou took to the group’s Twitter on June 27 following its win on M COUNTDOWN, writing “I’m so happy that we were able to receive a great award again!!! ㅜㅜ We will never forget to have a thankful heart and be a SISTAR that works hard.”
SNSD’s Taeyeon shared a photo of herself with Tiffany and Seohyun via her Instagram on June 28, writing “Start flight girls’ morning flight.”
CN Blue member and birthday boy Kang Min Hyuk tweeted the above photo on June 28 with the message, "Everyone~! I took a photo with my miniature [doll] in celebration of my birthdayㅋㅋ. It′s the outfit from my first appearance on ′Unexpected You.′ The pose is the sameㅋㅋ. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, all of the fans, the CN Blue family, friends, I love you all. See you at the Beijing concert!"
Big Bang’s Taeyang tweeted another photo from France, leaving fans with a simple “Hi” on Instagram on June 27.
BoA updated her Instagram on June 27 with a photo and the caption “Too big.”
Thai star Natthew, meanwhile, was getting his hair did, as seen in a pic shared on June 27 via Instagram with the caption “Bye bye my blond hair.”

Miss A's Suzy Explains Dating Rumors with Kim Soo Hyun Once Again

Suzy recently explained dating rumors surrounding her and former co-star Kim Soo Hyun, according to the Korea Times.
On June 26, there was a final interview for the cast of MBC’s “Gu Family Book,” which is closing up its final episodes. A dating rumor between her and Kim Soo Hyun was mentioned during the interview. The two stars had worked together closely for KBS2’s “Dream High” back in 2011.
She explained, “I asked him about the filming site for ‘Gu Family Book,’ since he had filmed here before. I thought he would know the area better than anyone else. We also caught up for a little bit.”
She added, “We still keep in touch too. I guess these rumors circulate because we are pretty close. Lately though, we have both been busy so we have not been contacting each other.”
Netizens commented, “But Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy look so good together,” “It looks like they are really close,” and, “They are both big stars.”
It looks like they are just close friends. Do you think they would make a good couple?  


B.A.P Releases “Coffee Shop” Music Video

Hot group B.A.P has released the full music video for “Coffee Shop,” one of three title tracks for their upcoming third mini album. 
The title track “Coffee Shop” marks an image transformation for the usually powerful group by promoting a softer, moody, and relaxed song. “Coffee Shop” is a jazzy song fit for a cafe atmosphere that features famous jazz pianist Song Young Joo. The song is about thinking back at the memories of a past girlfriend.
The music video features the members of B.A.P looking pensive and nostalgic as they wander through the cities of Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. The music video is directed by Hong Won Ki of Zanybros who also directed B.A.P’s previous blockbuster-level music videos and that of Girls’ GenerationSeo Tae Ji , and BEAST.

“Coffee Shop” is available through online music sites starting today.


Junsu (XIA) Releases Teaser MV and Image for “11AM”

JYJ‘s Junsu (XIA) has released a music video teaser and new image for his upcoming second solo album.
The music video teaser or special clip is for the track “11AM” (tentative English tite, full Korean title “11시 그 적당함”), which will be released before the full album on July 2. Appropriately, he released the teaser today, June 28, at 11AM KST.
The music video teaser takes the format of a “live” recording, showcasing Junsu’s voice and emotions recorded during the music video filming and not a studio track.  ”11AM” is about the pain of parting with a loved one.

Junsu’s second album comes out July 15. “11AM” comes out July 2.


No Min Woo Showcases Guitar Skills as “ICON” in “Rock Star” MV Teaser

Singer/actor No Min Woo, formerly part of SM Entertainment’s rock band, “TRAX, has formed a three-man band to release a new single album called “Iconic Oh Disco ‘Rock Star’.” The band is composed of  drummer MonsterDJ Disco, and No Min Woo himself, taking up the stage name “ICON.”
For this album, No Min Woo took active participation in all parts, being a producer, vocalist, drummer, guitarist, bassist, composer, lyricist, and arranger, marking this album as truly his own musical style and expression.
ICON has released a teaser video for the track called “Rock Star” in which he shows off his nimble guitar skills and rhythm.
The single album, “Iconic Oh Disco ‘Rock Star’,” will be released July 1.

B.A.P’s Dae Hyun Turns 20

Today is an extra special day for B.A.P’s Dae Hyun as he celebrates not only the release of the group’s first title track Coffee Shop, but his birthday as well!
The idol star turns 20 today, and we’re celebrating Dae Hyun’s day with fans by sharing a few of our favorite photos of him.