joi, 31 ianuarie 2013


Today 2NE1 won the Bonsang Award at Seoul Music Awards.Today started on Twitter an trending event  with the hashtags : #GiveUs2NE1 and  #WeWantCLof2NE1onTwitter  .If you have Twitter and you like 2NE1 please us this hashtag to support them ! Hwaiting ! *.*

Sub eng:
Dara: Thanks to all staffs who’re working for us so hard. Thank you fans, Black Jack, so much for loving us always. We’re recording so hard now so you’ll be able to meet us soon. Please look forward to it. Hwaiting! Thank you.

Watch here the performance of 2NE1 :  서가대  I LOVE YOU


Super Junior at SMA

Super Junior won the Bonsang and Hallyu Special Award at Seoul Music Awards.
They performed Sexy Free & Single,BreakDown. Super Junior M will appear in tomorrow 2/1 Music Bank for special performance.

Super Junior receiving the awards :

                                                                                                                               - L.

JT's Birthday

Justin Timberlake turns 32 years old today.He gifted fans with what they've been clamoring for: a return to music!
JT will release a new album on March 19 and perform at the Grammys on February 10. 
He is now married with Jessica Biel.

Check some photos:

                                                                                                                                - L.

Preview on The Vampire Diaries

Just a little preview on The Vampire Diaries episode from Thursday:

Spring Breakers

The new movie from Selena Gomez,Ashley Benson,Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco will be released on March 22 and in UK on April 5 2013.It was also screend at the Cannes Film Festival and at the Venice Film Festival last year.
Plot:Faith (Selena Gomez), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Brit (Ashley Benson), and Cotty (Rachel Korine) have been best friends since grade school. They live together in a college dorm and want to go on an adventure. Wishing to go to Florida for their vacation but lacking funds for it, they decide to rob a restaurant to finance their trip. While in Florida, they are arrested at a party for drugs, and land in jail. Alien (James Franco), a drug and arms dealer, bails them out in order to hire them to do some dirty work for him.

Rihanna's 7 Complex covers

Rihanna covers 7 Complex magazines,for February/March issue.
On the magazine she said:
On her childhood:
"We don’t start the trouble, but that’s how we’re defending ourselves—by saying some slick s***. That’s how I’ve always been. I was so rude when I was a little girl. I got my a** beat by my mother for that. Most of the time it was because of my mouth."
On her Instagram account:
"It’s narcissistic, but whatever—everyone does it. I’m capturing personality... Everybody has their thing they like or don’t like to see. It’s all in your head. That’s why people take their own pictures, because it’s difficult for someone else to capture what you seek."
On her public image:
"People take the little bit of information they’re fed, and they draw a picture of who you are. Most of the time it’s wrong."
On her album Unapologetic:
"When I was making this record I had no intention except the truth. So whatever is there is real. It's raw. That's why the album is called Unapologetic."

miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2013

Big Bang Seungri photo

Today, Seungri shared with us a photo on his twitter . He wrote: '' Black N Gold Seungri +.+ ''.

 On 29th , Seungri shared another photo after the Alive Tour which was in Seoul .He wrote: ''I want to thank VIPs all over the world for supporting BIGBANG's Alive Tour! See you guys on the next one '' . 

FTIsland Hongki in Europe

These days Hongki shared with us some photos from his adventure in Europe on his Twitter account ! Now, Hongki is in Spain ! Spanish Primadonnas are so lucky ! *.*
More photos : Hongki's Twitter @skullhong

Justin is back

Justin Timberlake is back!!!!The sexy singer makes his comeback in suit and tie,looking so handsome.Here it is the lyrics video for Suit&Tie in which he annouce the date of his first album in 5 years:20/20,on March 19th.Enjoy!

Rihanna on the cover of Rolling Stones

Rihanna covers Rolling Stones magazine again,looking fiercely.
Here's what she said about Chris Brown:
"I wanted him to know what it felt like to lose me. To feel the consequences of that. So when that (stuff) came back it hit me like a ton of bricks. Like, God, you’ve got to be kidding right now. But I got real with myself, and I just couldn’t bury the way I felt."

Twosome Coffee Choi Siwon Shop Grand Opening

Super Junior‘s Siwon made a transformation into a barista for the grand opening of the ‘Twosome Coffee Choi Siwon Shop‘ pop-up cafe in Myeongdong, Seoul on the 30th.
The event was held at the Myeondong store of the cafe chain to celebrate the grand opening of the charity event by Siwon.
A representative who was present at the event revealed, “For three months, various food items such as coffee, sandwich, and biscotti under the name of Choi Siwon will be sold here, and the profits will be donated to those in need… Selling 10,000 ‘Hope Biscotti’ will bring in 10 million KRW (~9,200 USD), and with the profits of the other items, we hope that we will be able to raise 50 million KRW (~46,000 USD) to donate to the charities of Siwon’s choice as well as other places.”
To show their support, his fans from all over the world flew in to attend the beginning of the event, and in return, Siwon served them snacks such as biscotti and coffee that he prepared himself.