joi, 5 septembrie 2013

Hailee Steinfeld covers Teen Vogue magazine

With her new flick "Romeo and Juliet" nearing its anticipated premiere, Hailee Steinfeld garnered herself a little added exposure by covering the October 2013 issue of Teen Vogue.
While donning designer garbs from Marc Jacobs and Gucci for the Sebastian Kim-shot spread, the 16-year-old actress gushed about key milestones in her teens and how she deals with constant criticism on her clothing choices.
On handling fashion critics: "It confuses me that someone would take the time out of their day to criticize somebody for what they're wearing. Regardless of who says what, I wear what I wear because I love it."
On having more gal pals:
"I have so many great girlfriends, and I prefer my time with them over guys. I'm OK with that right now."
On missing out on high school events:
"I've never been to a homecoming or a prom. I think it would be really cool to say that I have. But I've been to the Oscars, and that's the coolest thing that anybody can ever say. Though it's not the same. It's not your high school prom!"


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