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Cara Delevigne covers Vogue Australia magazine

Cara Delevingne features on the cover of the October edition of Vogue Australia
Taking some time away from her hectic schedule, Cara Delevigne scored the cover spot of Vogue Australia's October 2013 issue.
While donning designer garbs from Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen for the Benny Horne-shot spread, the 21-year-old stunner opened up about her role in "Anna Karnina" and her favorite photo shoots of all time.

 On her memorable shoots: "My first British Vogue cover was a very proud moment - a Vogue cover is a defining moment in the career of any girl, it's such a respected and iconic fashion title. Alex Shulman and her team have been very supportive to me from the beginning of my career. I've been really lucky... not to mention working with Karl and Chanel, Burberry, YSL, Mulberry. I love a challenge in terms of modeling, and working with animals is so much fun. For Mulberry, the owls, and a giant spider for an i-D cover shoot."
On her hectic schedules:
"I'm always traveling: I can go between New York and London two times a week, and L.A., Paris and Milan. It is crazy. I keep in touch with my family, friends, fans... they make me feel at home wherever I am. I travel with things like my music, a onesie, a favorite Burberry leather jacket - that helps. I usually feel very calm and settled on a plan which is funny."
On her career:
"I had to learn to take direction and interpret a concept. For me, modeling is about becoming a character in the minds of the creative team and being a part of an image . I'm not self-conscious in front of the camera, and I have learnt to trust the teams I work with. On the catwalk, it's also about direction but it's more theatrical and you only have one chance to get it right. When I first stated, I was more familiar with acting so I paid no attention to the camera and it was more like being let loose on set like an animal!"
On "Anna Karenina":
"Being a part of a story and the on-set community, becoming another character, the whole process of bringing someone's script to life and working with a great director and crew - it really thrills me."
Cara Delevingne models for the October issue of Vogue Australia
The 21-year-old model's distinctive looks are accentuated in this shot from David Bailey
Cara gazes longingly into the camera in another shoot from the October issue of Vogue Australia

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