sâmbătă, 14 septembrie 2013

Will Smith goes shirtless on the set of Focus movie

Action man Will: Although he's about to turn 45 it doesn't appear as if Will is set to give up his action man roles any time soon
He might be about to turn 45 but Will Smith shows no sign of middle-aged spread.
The actor showed off his toned physique as he squeezed in a workout between takes on the New Orleans set of Focus on Friday. 
Wearing just blue shorts and trainers, the topless hunk was put through his paces as he completed his workout with a trainer.
Still got it: Will is also tipped to reprise previous roles for sci-fi thriller I, Robot 2 and buddy-cop action pic Bad Boys 3
Keep it up: The training sessions are obviously working with action man Will¿s impressive muscles on display

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