sâmbătă, 14 septembrie 2013

Justin Bieber may be playing Robin in Man of Steel sequel

His big break?! Justin Bieber posted a photo of a Batman Vs. Superman script with the caption '#robin??' on Friday
We know he is a huge Batman fan, recently receiving a customised Bat bike as his 19th birthday present from his father.
And now Justin Bieber may inching closer to his dream job.
On Friday, the Canadian crooner posted a photo of his very own copy of the Batman Vs. Superman script.
In the Instagram snap, the Baby hitmaker is holding up the personalised script, printed with 'Bieber' across the front.
A fan of taking photos of himself, he also made sure to capture his reflection in the mirror as he used his smartphone to take the shot.
With a caption of '#robin??,' the YouTube sensation left fans wondering whether he may be auditioning for the upcoming role in Henry Cavill's sequel to Man Of Steel.

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