marți, 10 septembrie 2013

Sandara Park is a Beautiful Gothic Princess for “Clio”

2NE1‘s very own beauty star Sandara Park transforms into a chillingly beautiful gothic princess for the Korean professional make-up brand “Clio.”
Sandara stars in promotions for Clio’s new product “Lipnicure,” a lip staining “manicure” for the lips. Contrasting the bright colors of her lips with jet black hair and equally black outfits, she evokes the icy feel of a gothic princess. Another buzzword describing her look is “femme fatale,” a woman ensnaring her admirers in fatal attraction. The promotional video reveals the names of the colors, which are just as provocative as the spread: ”Virgin Kiss,” “Rumor Coral,” and “Guilty Pink.” 
Netizens have commented in favor of Clio’s fall campaign: “Didn’t know Sandara had this sort of appeal,” “Sexy,” and “The femme fatale look matches her well.”
Check out the stills and behind-the-scenes video below!


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