miercuri, 11 septembrie 2013

Rihanna in London

All around the world: Rihanna left her hotel on Wednesday evening wearing a brightly coloured trouser and top combination
She spends her days travelling around the world performing, so has no doubt become accustomed to the various flags there are.
And showing her geography knowledge Rihanna stepped out in London wearing a pair of baggy trousers and top adorned with flags from around the world.
Looking in as bright spirits as her outfit the 25-year-old put on quite the show while leaving her hotel on Wednesday evening– giving Miley Cyrus a run for her money in terms of sticking out her tongue.
Earlier in the day Rihanna, shunned a flesh flashing look and instead opted to be all covered up in a pink sweater.
Mod-ern style: Rihanna showed off a longer Mohican look after her mullet hairdo was roundly criticised
Rihanna looked happy to be surrounded by her adoring fans
It's a busy life: Rihanna heads off to tape her appearance on Alan Carr Chatty Man
Singer turned designer: Rihanna paired her cheeky sweater with some skin tight leather trousers and white heels

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