miercuri, 11 septembrie 2013

Miley Cyrus heads to an appearance at a TV studio in London

 Miley Cyrus leaves her London hotel wearing a pair of bizarre flared and skinny trousers on Wednesday
The promotional campaign for her eagerly awaited new album continued in earnest on Wednesday, but Miley Cyrus was clearly in two minds regarding what trousers she should wear – flared or skinny?
Having stepped out for an appearance at a TV studio on London’s Southbank, the precocious singer had bravely decided the best thing to do was wear both – and hope for the best.
The 20-year-old hit-maker offers photographers a flashy smile as she makes her way to a studio on London's Southbank
The former Hannah Montana makes her way into a studio (left) and indulges her fans (right)
Miley Cyrus steps out wearing a distinctive Chanel belt

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