marți, 10 septembrie 2013

Pharrell Suggests Collaboration with Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Mina Kwon

Will there be some kind of collaboration between Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Pharrell Williams, and designer Mina Kwon?
On September 9, after Mina Kwon and G-Dragon exchanged a few tweets mentioning Pharrell, Pharrell Williams tweeted, “These two are amazing talents. Korean art is vast and next level. Time to collab.”

G-Dragon replied, “Do it. Let’s do it!”
The Korean media began reporting on the tweets, accidentally referring to Mina Kwon as G-Dragon’s older sister, and later his cousin.

YG Entertainment has stated that Mina Kwon and G-Dragon are not related but merely have the same last name (as do many others, we might add). The agency also mentioned that G-Dragon and Mina Kwon are close friends. 

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