vineri, 13 septembrie 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal covers VMAN magazine

He's gearing up for the premiere of his upcoming flick "Prisoners" and during promotions, Jake Gyllenhaal covered VMAN magazine's 10th anniversery issue.
While rocking a few poses for the Hedi Slimane-shot spread, the "Donnie Darko" hunk chatted about his acting career and also revealed what kind of roles he really wants.
On his approach to acting: "For a number of years, I felt physically into the character before I felt internally into the character. Sometimes it's already been written for you, sometimes it's just there and you're like, got it, perfect. But I need my way in, because I don't want to fake it. Some people can just jump. I need at least 150 yards to sprint."
On his return to the stage:
"I made a number of changes in my life. I moved from Los Angeles to New York City, really to be closer to my family, and also I made a lot of promises to myself about getting back to theater, which is what I love, and I really want to follow that. I wanted to be around that community. So I just made this sort of big move out East, which is the opposite move people usually make, and I basically took some time. I had reached a point in my life and career where I had to ask myself what I really believed in, what I wanted to leave behind. I felt like those questions warranted exploration. I believe deeply in the reality of both the light and ark side of things and everything in between. I am interested in exploring people and situations without a filter. How unbearable is it to be in front of yourself, to totally recognize yourself in another being?"
On his personal life:
"As a young actor, you come up, but you take what you can get. You fight for it. You do the best you can do and you're grateful for what you have. I still feel that way. But more so I feel like there's a ticking clock, that life is set of experiences, and I want to have experiences I feel are worthwhile. At this point in my life, I don't have a family to support, so I can make choices based on how I want to live. And the things I get from my experiences with making movies - when I think about what makes me happiest, it's those experiences."


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