marți, 3 septembrie 2013

Elle Fanning covers Miss Vogue Australia

With her acting career continuing to heat up, Elle Fanning has scored the cover spot of Miss Vogue Australia magazine's inaugural issue.
While rocking a few poses for the adorable spread, the 15-year-old actress opened up about her first acting roles and her fellow classmates reaction to her acting.
On her childhood acting days: "I guess my mom saw us playing around the house and creating these really in-depth character. My sister was older so she would always be the mom and I would be her kid. We would pretend we were homeless people and move around the house as though we were looking for shelter – we would always end up in the pantry. My parents would be like, ‘What are they doing in the pantry?’ and we’d be shivering, completely in character."
On becoming a recognizable actress:
"I was surprised – I was a freshie and you’re grouped with the seniors and you’re new, but it was great. Like when ‘Super 8’ came out, they all went to see it and were making fun of me. So it’s cool to have fun with it, too."
On working alongside Angelina Jolie:
"The way she treated everyone was so ‘normal’ – ah ‘normal’ is such a bad word, but you know? She was just every day."
On choosing acting over sports:
"Some kids go to soccer practice and play games after school, I just do movies."


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