duminică, 1 septembrie 2013

ZE:A′s Dong Jun, Si Wan and Min Woo Get Ready to Play Sports

ZE:A′s Dong Jun, Si Wan and Min Woo became sporty gentlemen in a sportswear spread.

Through a spread in Arena Homme+, the three idol members flaunted their masculinity.
The spread was dedicated to showcasing the new, modernized Fuma Disc Blazes, the ′Disc 2.0′.

Dong Jun sported a red zip-up hoodie with a red, gray and blue Disc 2.0, while Si Wan put on a white PK shirt, a zip-up hoodie and orange Disc 2.0s. Min Woo donned a sweatshirt with gray Disc 2.0s.
The full spread can be found in the September issue of Arena Homme+.

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