joi, 5 septembrie 2013

Sofia Vergara was named highest earning television actress by Forbes

She’s one of the hottest ladies on the small screen, and now it seems Sofia Vergara is also one of the wealthiest!
The “Modern Family” star topped the Forbes Top-Earning Television Actress poll thanks to her whopping $30 million salary last year.
Vergara rakes in mucho money from her hit ABC show, and also gets paid quite well by Kmart, Diet Pepsi and Covergirl.
As for the rest of the list, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” babe Mariska Hargitay tied with “Big Bang Theory” stunner Kaley Cuoco ($11 million each), and Melissa McCarthy, the Kardashians, Bethenny Frankel, Ellen Pompeo, and Tina Fey all received mentions as well.

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