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“Seoul International Drama Awards 2013″ Winners

This year marked another tough year for the judges with record-breaking submissions totalling 225 from 48 countries. There were a few special performances lined up from idol groups to solo singers in between announcing the different categories.
TV Movie
  • Silver Bird Prize-  Welcome and…Our Condolences (Israel)
  • Golden Bird Prize- The Jewish Cardinal (France)    
  • Silver Bird Prize- The Half Brother (Norway)
  • Golden Bird Prize- Generation War (Germany)    
Best Director- Philipp Kadelbach (Generation War/Germany) 
Best Screenwriter-  Lars Lundstrom (Real Humans/Sweden)
Special Prize- Hello, New York (Kyrgyzstan), The Perfect Day (South Korea)      
Outstanding Korean Drama OST- Kim Jae Joong ”Living LIke a Dream” (Dr. Jin)
Outstanding Korean Drama- Yawang
Excellent Korean Drama- Arang and the Magistrate     
Outstanding Korean Actor- Lee Jun Ki (Arang and the Magistrate)         
Outstanding Korean Actress- Bae Suzy (Gu Family Book)
The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year- Mistresses (USA)
People’s Choice
  • China-  Nicky Wu (The Chinese Detective)
  • Japan- Ren Kiriyama (Switch Girl 2)    
  • Taiwan- Ya Chi Hsu (Are You Christine?)   
  • Korea- Yunho (Yawang)
Best Actor- Lee Moon Shik (Sanggwon/South Korea)   
Best Actress-  Lucy Liu (Elementary/USA)
  • Silver Bird Prize- The Chaser (South Korea)
  • Golden Bird Prize-  Grand Hotel 2 (Spain)     
Grand Prize- Prisoners of War: Season 2 (Israel)

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