duminică, 1 septembrie 2013

Rita Ora performs at the Sundown Festival

Rita Ora performing at the Sundown Festival in Norfolk wearing a pleated leather skirt
 It appears as if singing sensation Rita Ora can't live without her over-the-knee shoes as she debuted a new colourful pair on Saturday.
The 22-year-old looked stunning as she performed at the Sundown Festival in a rather eye-catching number.
What might not be normal festival attire, the multi-coloured shoes climbed all the way past the singer's knees as she sang at the event in Norfolk.
Feeling the love: The singer performed in front of glowing hearts on stage
Covered up: Rita started her performance wearing a vest before taking it off to reveal her cop top
The singing sensation first appeared on stage in a long, red cloak before stripping off to reveal her sexy black outfit underneath
Norfolk's calling: Rita dons a small black hat for a part of her performance at the festival
The singing sensation looked effortlessly cool in her black outfit and patterned shoes

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