vineri, 13 septembrie 2013

Nicole Kidman got knocked down by a photographer outside her hotel

Taking a tumble: Nicole Kidman was knocked over by a photographer on a bicycle on Thursday as she returned to her New York hotel after attending the Calvin Klein Fashion Week show
Nicole Kidman has been knocked over by a cyclist and according to reports, is planning on pressing charges.
The actress was returning to her hotel after attending the Calvin Klein show on Thursday as part of New York Fashion Week.
Nicole fell to the ground when she was hit by a photographer named Carl Wu, who was apparently racing to try and take a picture for her.
Grimacing: Nicole didn't look happy as she got up and it has been claimed she wants to press charges
That's got to hurt: Nicole did her best to recover swiftly and hop up after the incident
Gently now: Everyone made sure Nicole stood up slowly in case of injury although she was trying to hurry off
Exit stage right: Other photographers were taking pictures at the scene so a man ushered Nicole into the hotel
Making a quick getaway: The 46-year-old hobbled into her hotel wearing just one of her high heels
One shoe: Nicole lost one of her heels in the incident
Helping hand: A woman helped Nicole keep her balance after the spill

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