duminică, 1 septembrie 2013

Miley Cyrus flights in pyjama

An irregular choice: Miley wears matching food cartoon jumpers and jogging bottoms with unicorn slippers
The cray cray continues in the wacky world of Miley Cyrus.
The 20-year old singer opted for food cartoon jogging bottoms and jumper with stuffed unicorn slippers to board a flight out of New Jersey on Tuesday night.
Chatting on her phone and carrying a Chanel heart-shaped handbag, this was one pyjama-like look that wasn't going to be appearing on any Best Dressed lists.
That's how she rolls: The singer jumped on a private jet with her friends and crew at a New Jersey airport
Well she does have a designer bag: Miley carries a Chanel handbag to give some formality to her pyjama look

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