luni, 2 septembrie 2013

Lady Gaga performs at the Roundhouse theatre

Lady Gaga performed numerous tracks from forthcoming album Artpop at the Roundhouse on Sunday evening
After days of rehearsals, Lady Gaga finally took to the stage at the Roundhouse theatre and she certainly didn't disappoint in the costume stakes.
One minute Gaga, 27, was a black-haired ninja complete with balaclava and eightie's powerhouse shoulderpads, the next she looked like a nymph of the sea with a shell bikini top and a seaweed encrusted thong giving her once again the chance to show off her derriere.
At the show - which was the first gig in the 20 day calendar of the iTunes Festival - fans watched Gaga perform a few of her most famous songs as well as tracks from her upcoming album ARTPOP.
There it is: Lady Gaga fails to see the importance of trousers as she steps on in a shell and seaweed thong
Finish him: Gaga dressed as a black ninja, putting on a black wig and balaclava
Lucky fans: Audience members won tickets to the performance as part of the iTunes Festival which puts on a different concert every day of September
Lady Gaga whips the top hat from her head during the performance
Lady Gaga delights fans on Sunday evening
The eccentric singer went for this pig mask while she performed new track Swine on Sunday night
Quick change: Her dancers hep the singer switch between wigs and outfits onstage
Nice shirt: Gaga's costume designer ran out of inspiration when it came to this plaid button-up
Lady Gaga shows off the dark hair hidden beneath her wig
 Lady Gaga shows off her hair on Sunday night at the Camden Roundhouse
Lady Gaga gets a helping hand as she leaves the London Roundhouse wearing a bubble machine dress on Sunday evening
Lady Gaga arrives at Boujis nightclub after debuting new tracks from forthcoming album Artpop at the iTunes Festival
The outlandish singer leaves Boujis in a bright white leotard after wowing fans with her performance at the Camden Roundhouse


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