marți, 10 septembrie 2013

Kristen Stewart shows off serious hair lost while in Berlin

Stress related: Kristen Stewart displayed noticeable hair loss in Berlin, Germany, last month
She's had a difficult few months following her split from Robert Pattinson.
And it seems Kristen Stewart's traumatic personal life has taken a toll on the 23-year-old actress, who has been seen with what seems to be a large bald patch on her head.
Kristen, who usually conceals her locks beneath hats and caps, was pictured in Berlin, Germany, last month displaying the dramatic hair loss on the right side of her scalp - thought to be down to stress.
Thinning locks: It is believed that Kristen's hair loss stems from the stress she has been under following her split from Robert Pattinson earlier this year
That's better: Kristen's hair looked fine from the other side, as she wears it swept over

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