duminică, 15 septembrie 2013

Justin Bieber escorts Floyd Mayweather for his fight in Las Vegas

The hype: Justin and Lil Wayne walked out the champ Floyd Mayweather to his fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas
Justin Bieber and Lil’ Wayne escort boxer Floyd Mayweather into the ring before his big title fight with Canelo Alvarez on Saturday (September 14) at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.
The 19-year-old singer and the 30-year-old rapper acted as the boxer’s hype men, walking with him to the ring while performing a song.
Support group: The teen idol entered the ring to lend his reassurance to the athlete
The entourage: The two stars appeared to get the crowd going with their celebrity power
Loving the attention: Bieber appeared to be enjoying the spotlight in the ring
Undefeated: Mayweather notched his record up to 45-0 on Saturday night
Moments before: Bieber stood by as the champ revved up to defend his title
Buddies: Bieber posed with super welterweight champ Floyd Mayweather backstage at the MGM Grand
Flashback: Bieber tweeted a snap from a fight last year in Vegas with the champ

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