joi, 12 septembrie 2013

Harry Styles jets out of Los Angeles and heading to London

Busy: Harry Styles made his way through LAX airport in Los Angeles as he catches a flight to London on Wednesday
Harry Styles appeared in a hurry to return home as he made a quick dash through LAX airport, in Los Angeles, on Wednesday. 
His haste may have been an attempt to not miss his London-bound flight, or it could have been for a very different reason altogether, as he is rumoured to have been secretly 'hooking up' with supermodel Cara Delevingne for months.
The pair only just went to see Book of Mormon at the theatre last week, and looked incredibly cosy in the West End Theatre.
Let's hurry: Harry looked like he was in a hurry as he briskly walked through the airport, not even finding a spare moment to give a quick wave
Let's go! Harry Styles briskly sprints down the elevator as he makes his way back home from Los Angeles

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