sâmbătă, 14 septembrie 2013

Drunken Tiger Returns with ‘The Cure’

After many years of focusing on other projects, Tiger JK finally returned as Drunken Tiger with Yoon Mirae and MC Bizzy in his newest release, The Cure

On September 13, Drunken Tiger released its newest album, The Cure, also releasing the music video for the song of the same title. 
The song of encouragement, The Cure featured the acoustic guitar performance of Youtube sensation David Choi, as well as the soothing voices of the members. Just like the song, the music video proved to be impressive with beautiful and artistic images and animations. 

The album includes a total of nine songs with The Cure leading the way to the top fo the music charts, such as Mnet, Bugs, Monkey3, Olleh Music, and more. 

Drunken Tiger’s last album release was in 2009. 


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