marți, 17 septembrie 2013

David Beckham shows off "Victoria" tattoo on his hand as he attended the Global Fund and British Council Party with Victoria

It's a bit windy! The Beckhams' coiffed hairstyles were disturbed by an untimely gust
They spent Sunday night on opposite parts of town at different London Fashion Week events.
However, on Monday evening, David and Victoria Beckham came together in a synchronised appearance at the Global Fund and British Council Party.
The couple looked perfectly in sync with each other in his and hers black trouser suits as they attended the star-studded event at Apsley House in Piccadilly.
Her retired footballer husband, 38, played it safe with a white shirt, black tie and black trousers with his hair gelled back.
However, it was his newest accessory - a tattoo reading 'Victoria' on his right hand - that attracted attention.
After Victoria recently admitted she bought him a tattoo voucher for her 38th birthday back in May, it looks like he may have cashed it in to expand his extensive collection of body art.
The new script is in a similar font to the word 'love', which is written in the same place on his left hand.
Etching: David shows off his new 'Victoria' tattoo on his right hand
Date night: David and Victoria enjoyed an evening without their four children
Letting his hair down: David unbuttoned his shirt and loosened his tie as he wandered into the second bash alongside his wife
Mr and Mrs Stylish: David and Victoria certainly made for a chic couple as they made their way inside the AnOther bosh in their immaculately tailored ensembles
Homeward bound: The couple eventually called it a night and headed home in the back of a car together after enjoying their two parties

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