miercuri, 11 septembrie 2013

BTS (Bangtan Boys) released “N.O” MV

Boy group BTS has released their new mini album ““O! RUL8,2?”” online today and the music video for the title track “N.O.”
The new album contains the message of finding one’s happiness before it is the too late. In particular, their title track “N.O” has the lyrics “You can’t keep saying later anymore/ Don’t live trapped in another person’s dreams.” “N.O” stands for both the word “no” and is the acronym for “No Offense.” The members of BTS participated in writing the lyrics for this track.
The music video reminds one of a sci-fi movie with its futuristc images and sets. It shows BTS fighting and breaking through society’s conformity and monotonous way of thinking. There is also a dance break that tells us story so check out the music video here  !
BTS will have their first comeback stage September 12 on “M!Countdown.”


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