joi, 5 septembrie 2013

Beyonce and Jay Z shows off their beach bodies while celebrating B's birthday on a yacht in Stombli,Italy

Trust: A laughing Beyonce almost appears as if she is persuading her rapper husband to take the leap into the waters with her
She is one of the coolest performers in the world, so it understandable that Beyonce Knowles would celebrate her birthday in a decadent style.
The Grown Woman singer turned 32 on Wednesday, and was surrounded by her loved ones - including husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy aboard a luxury yacht in Stombli, Italy, which appeared to turn into an impromptu champagne cruise.
As well as spending time with her loved ones, including her adorable daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay enjoyed posing with a Nebuchadnezzar size gold bottle of champagne.
Making a splash: Beyonce appeared to be stunned by the cool temperatures of the waters, as the pair jumped from their yacht
Quick dip: It wasn't long before the pair hastily returned to the yacht after diving into the sea
Brr! The pair appeared to be hugging to get some much-needed warmth after going for a swim in the sea
Drying off: The happy couple seemed revived after their splash in the cool sea as they returned to the yacht
Grown Woman: The birthday girl looked absolutely incredible in a shiny red and striped monokini aboard the yacht in Italy
Celebrations: It seems that for Beyonce - the woman who has everything - all she wanted for her birthday was some precious family time with her daughter Blue and husband Jay
Doting dad: Jay keeps his daughter Blue safe as they move around on the yacht in Italy
Family ties: Beyonce has also been joined by her sister Solange and her eight-year-old son Daniel Julez on her recent trip to Europe
Crazy in love: Beyonce appeared besotted with her husband Jay Z as she took his photo on the yacht in Italy
Still got it: Jay and Beyonce appear to be happier than ever, as they celebrate her 32nd birthday
Strong man: Jay Z flexes his muscles as he attempts to life the huge bottle of champagne, as Beyonce gets ready to capture the moment
Easy does it! Jay manages to uphold the giant champagne bottle as his wife captures the hilarious shot
Pretty picture: Beyonce and Jay Z had no end of fun with the over-sized alcoholic present, presumable a gift for the birthday girl
Capturing every moment: Their pals were also in charge of taking pics of the happy couple, as they had fun on their yacht in Stromboli, Italy
Hiding the smoke: Cautious parent Jay Z put his cigar behind his back as toddler Blue goes for a walk

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