luni, 2 septembrie 2013

Adele goes make-up free as she leaves the Camden Roundhouse after watching Lady Gaga's performance

Adele leaves the Camden Roundhouse on Sunday evening after watching Lady Gaga open the iTunes Festival
Adele made a discreet exit from the Camden Roundhouse, where she joined an array of celebs to watch Lady Gaga perform her much vaunted opening show at this year’s iTunes Festival.
Dressed in a distinctive patterned outfit, but without her trademark Fifties style make-up Adele kept a very low profile at the event before she was driven back to her Brighton home.
Adele attempts to make a discreet exit from the popular London venue
Adele observes the street as her driver pulls away from the Camden Roundhouse on Sunday night
Adele has a stony expression on her face after a night out in Camden

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