duminică, 20 octombrie 2013

Rihanna performs in Abu Dhabi

Respectful? Rihanna paid heed to Abu Dhabi's local customs by covering up much more than usual at her concert on Saturday... but she kept those cheeky dance moves in her routine
It's the capital of the United Arab Emirates, a Muslim country with strict dress standards.
So when Rihanna prepared to perform in the Middle Eastern city of Abu Dhabi she sensibly chose to cover up her body.
But while her demure outfit displayed a serious lack of flesh, the pop star was only halfway there - with her raunchy dance moves making no concessions to local culture.
Working it: The star worked up a sweat during her exhausting stage performance
Cosy? The songstress looked particularly warm, perhaps on account of the desert temperatures
Moves: Rihanna is famous for her epic dance moves and she did not disappoint in spite of her ensemble
Pour it up, pour it up: The star showed off her toned biceps as she threw her hands up in the air

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