joi, 3 octombrie 2013

Kristen Stewart shows off bikini body while filming for Sils Maria movie

Taking the lake: Kristen Stewart stripped off to a black bra and white underwear over a thong as she joined a nude Juliette Binoche to film a scene for new movie Sils Maria in the Swiss Mountains recently
She famously stripped off for a sultry kissing scene in a Brazilian lake with ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson in the fourth Twilight film Breaking Dawn: Part One.
And Kristen Stewart has just embarked on another risqué lake shoot  - but this time with a woman.
The 23-year-old actress took off her trousers and T-shirt to reveal a black bra and white underwear to film a scene for forthcoming film Sils Maria in the Swiss mountains.
How refreshing! Juliette seemed more brave about taking the plunge into the chilly water than Kristen
Not so see-through: A black thong protected Kristen's modesty, showing through her underwear when her shorts became wet
Drying off: a menagerie of assistants held out a towel and turban for the actress's dripping wet hair following her dip
Specs appeal: Kristen wore black framed glasses as part of her character's ensemble
My turn now: Kristen modestly turns her head as Juliette strips down to nothing
Trepidation: Kristen confessed in an interview this summer that she was nervous about working with the French actress
Picturesque: The stars made their way to shore amid the stunning surroundings of the Swiss lake
All quiet on set: Kristen begins to walk towards the lake, watched by the fully clothed Juliette

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