luni, 7 octombrie 2013

Miley Cyrus performs at The Today Show

Loving your twerk: Miley seemed particularly pleased with herself as she finished her performance on The Today Show
If there was one surprising element to Miley Cyrus' measured performance on Saturday Night Live, it was that it wasn't nearly as raunchy as people expected.
But on Monday morning, the former Disney star resorted back to her risque reputation as she performed on the Today Show in a pair of extremely short shorts.
Also returning to the stage was Miley's much maligned foam finger, which she appeared to grab from the audience and posed suggestively with.
Speaking in tongues: Miley gave yet another unapologetic performance as she refuses to tone down her act
Can't stop, won't stop! Despite it being a morning show, anchor Matt Lauer had no qualms about quizzing the star on matters of her sexual stage presence
A hard day's twerk: After impressing on Saturday Night Live, Miley Cyrus gets back to the grind of being an overtly sexual pop star
It's back! Miley resorts to another risque performance with a foam finger as she reveals she'll 'stop being sexual at 40'

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