joi, 23 mai 2013

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Wants to Send Heechul on ‘Real Man’

With Super Junior’s Heechul returning from the army very soon, Kyuhyun is already thinking about where to send him when he comes back: the army.
On May 22’s broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, the subject of Heechul’s upcoming discharge from army services. As Kyuhyun was Heechul’s replacement on the show when Heechul left to serve for two years, the MCs wondered if it meant Kyuhyun had to leave the show when Heechul returns.

Not only did Kyuhyun say that it was actually Yoo Se Yoon who filled in Heechul’s spot, Kyuhyun already had plans for Heechul.

“I have something else prepared for Heechul hyung. The most popular program these days it Real Man,” said Kyuhyun, making all the MCs laugh. 

MBC’s Real Man is a program in which celebrities can experience the reality of the Korean army by living on military bases for a certain period of time, sleeping, eating, and training with real soldiers.

Meanwhile, Heechul enlisted in September of 2011 and served as a public service worker. He will be discharged in August. 


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