vineri, 24 mai 2013

CL Poses Commandingly in New Teaser Photo for Solo Debut

2NE1′s CL decided to release a teaser image for her upcoming solo debut withBad Girl.

Through YG Entertainment′s official blog on May 24, the agency released a teaser photo showing her posing with a large flag carrying her logo.
In the image, CL seems to take on a female warrior fit to appear in the movie 300. YG explained that the photo is from a scene off of CL′s music video for Bad Girl.

CL is known for her rough image, as well as her shocking styles and commanding presence onstage.

In the teaser also she shows off just that, clad in a stud ornament that resembles a helmet, chains and a black jacket.

Bad Girl is especially drawing interest after it was announced it would be a slow hip-hop piece at 70 bpm.

Female solo singers have rarely been making breakthroughs in the recent K-Pop scene, as well as slow hip-hop, making CL′s attempt all the more meaningful and new.

CL plans to show off her own colorful styles and tough image through her upcoming music video.


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