duminică, 26 mai 2013

Taylor Lautner holds hands with Maika Monroe at a Dodgers baseball game

They're not shy! Taylor Lautner held hands and cosied up with actress Maika Monroe during a Dodgers baseball game on Friday, leading to speculation that the pair are dating
Team Jacob may shed a tear over this one.
It looks like Taylor Lautner may have a new leading lady, as he was spotted holding hands and snuggling with 19-year-old actress Maika Monroe at a Dodgers baseball game on Friday.
The 21-year-old Twilight star, who also caught up with rapper Lil Jon at the game, stayed particularly close to the blonde starlet at the Los Angeles stadium.
Playing it cool: Maika looked like she was pretending to be blase, kicking back in her seat casually
Game? What game? The pair seemed blatantly more interested in each other than the actual game
First date? Taylor and Maika hung out on the oval prior to the Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals match
He's obviously not a Twilight fan! As the cute pair canoodled and held hands, Tommy Lasorda - former manager of the Dodgers - appeared to doze off

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