sâmbătă, 25 mai 2013

Shinhwa Members Poke Each Other for ‘GQ’

Showing the charisma of men in their thirties, the Shinhwa members charmed their way into GQ Korea magazine.
Dressed in tuxedos with slicked back hair, the Shinhwa members managed to put their jokes and games aside to put on strong and captivating faces for the shoot.

According to GQ Korea, the members individually gave their own thoughts in separate interviews. Through each answer from the members, GQ Korea stated that it was clear why Shinhwa has stayed together for 15 years. 

“[The answers] weren’t planned but came from a honest bond and friendship that appears after men in similar age ranges spend time together for a very long time,” said GQ Korea.

The individual and honest interviews as well as the pictorial will be available in the June issue. 


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