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Lee Min Ho Will Have Different Promotional Singles for Each Country′s Concert+ Interview

Before his concert on May 25, Lee Min Ho appeared before the press to open up about his album and his fans.

The concert held this day kicked off his Asia tour, which is scheduled to go through Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Hong Kong and more. Five or six more countries are also in talks to be added to the list.

This day, Lee Min Ho showcased performances for his new album My Everything. The actor had poured all his efforts into the album for his fans.

At the press conference, he said about his show and his album, "For the first time I′ve come to prepare many songs in concert format, and I expect I′ll be able to show new sides of myself because the tracks of the album are so colorful."

In order to satisfy the tastes of his fans across the globe, he revealed he′s chosen a new type of strategy.

"I have a different song in mind for the promotional single of my show in Japan," he said. "Since fans are different in each country, I plan to change the performances accordingly. I′ll approach each country with a different color."

For his acting career, Lee Min Ho will soon appear in screenwriter Kim Eun Sook′s The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight - The Heirs. The drama will be about the love and friendship between rich high school students, and Lee Min Ho will co-star with Park Shin Hye.

Lee Min Ho said about the drama, "I believe writer Kim Eun Sook is a writer every male actor would love to work with. I′m honored I′ll be working with her this time. I still believe I have some time until the first episode airs. I′ll work hard for the drama as soon as my tour ends."

How do you feel about your album?

The word ′album′ feels unfamiliar, but I did my best. I should′ve met with my fans last year but I wasn′t able to because of my shoots for Faith. I′m looking forward to seeing them for the first time in two years.

We heard you worked really hard to prepare so many different songs. What was the most difficult?

I mostly sing ballads at noraebang (karaokes) but this time I had to sing songs with a faster tempo so that was hard. I tried to find my good voice while recording.

Have you ever worried about your image as an actor before releasing your album?

I would′ve felt pressure if I had been planning to appear on music shows, but I just started [on this project] thinking I want to enjoy it with my fans. I just released the album as a commemoration, so I didn′t care too much for my image as an actor.

What are your resolutions for today?

I didn′t get much sleep last night. I′ll try to enjoy my time onstage as much as possible because it′s my first fanmeeting in a while.

Which song do you like the most out of your album?

I personally like the song titled Pieces of Love. I just like ballads.

What are your plans for the future?

I′ll return with a good piece as soon as I finish my tour. Thank you.


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