luni, 27 mai 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio parties on a yacht in Cannes

Favourite things: Taking off his shirt and showing off his less than muscular physique, the A-lister alternating between smoking, having some fruity cocktails and chatting to the stunning group of women
Move over Jack Nicholson, not only has Leonardo DiCaprio got his impression of the famous actor down he is also imitating - and surpassing - his Hollywood playboy ways.
In a move that would have made the older notorious womaniser proud, Leo made sure to do the Cannes Film Festival right - surrounded in models wearing barely there bikinis and hot pants.
Rest and relaxation: Clearly comfortable with each other the pair reclined on some large cushions on the bow of the boat soaking in the French Riviera sunshine
Not a care: With Great Gatsby's premiere in the earlier days of Cannes, the star clearly was not too concerned about what was going on back on shore
Master of the ship: Leo held court as the women and his male friends sprawled out in front of him
Lucky few: The Great Gatsby star did allow a couple of male friends aboard
Leo and his ladies: Leonardo DiCaprio enjoyed a day with a bevvy of lovely ladies aboard a luxury yacht in the South of France on Thursday

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