marți, 28 mai 2013

B2ST Releases New Image for Upcoming Single


B2ST revved up for its comeback this year following the grand announcement made by its agency rep Hong Seung Seong, releasing a new jacket image for its upcoming single Will It Be Okay.

The image was revealed on May 28 through Cube Entertainment′s official SNS account.

It shows the six members wearing classic suits, donning unique items of their own as well as some deep eye makeup.

Will It Be Okay, the first promotional single of B2ST′s upcoming album, will be released through music sites on May 29. The song is a ballad composed by member Yong Jun Hyung and composer Kim Tae Joo, with lyrics that anyone can relate to.

B2ST has previously marked great successes with its ballad pieces. For example, On Rainy Days won a no. 1 trophy on music shows despite its being an idol ballad piece.

Will It Be Okay will be the first step in a series of big promotions to come, as Hong Seung Seong mentioned a big project related to B2ST to take place in June as well as an exclusive concert by the group in July.


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