luni, 27 mai 2013

Amanda Bynes attacks Rihanna on Twitter

Friends no more: Amanda has met Rihanna before, seen here together in 2006, but she continued to rant about the singer making numerous remarks then deleting them off her Twitter account
Amanda Bynes turned her anger toward Rhianna Sunday, posting a series of racist and offensive remarks about the singer and her relationship with Chris Brown.
The embattled 27-year-old briefly posted a number of tweets about Rihanna, 25, before deleting the comments.
The tirade began with Amanda writing, '@rihanna you look so ugly tryin (sic) to be white', followed within minutes by a message blaming the singer for being assaulted by her ex-boyfriend.
Twitter war: Amanda posted numerous offensive comments about the singer's appearance, race and being a victim of domestic violence before deleting them
Firing back: Not taking it lying down Rihanna made reference to the actress' alleged drug problems
In rhyme: Amanda even tried to rap a catty comment at the Battleship star

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