luni, 27 mai 2013

2NE1’s CL Brings All her YG Oppas Out in New Teaser

With her first solo debut coming up, 2NE1’s CL teased that she has big things coming in store.

On May 26, YG Entertainment unveiled a photo from the set of CL’s music video for her upcoming song, The Baddest Female through the official YG Blog. The photo revealed CL, looking fierce as always, while her oppas from YG Entertainment stood by her side.

Included in the photo are Big Bang’s Taeyang and G-Dragon, Masta Wu, Teddy, Choice 37, Monster Woo, and the many other talented people involved in CL’s music video.

According to YG Entertainment, the music video was filmed on 15 different sets with a total of 15 outfits.

Not only did YG Entertainment unveil an impressive group photo, the company created a media façade at the YG Headquarters, located in Hapjeong, promoting its talented artist throughout the night.

CL’s anticipated piece will be released on May 28. 


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