vineri, 24 mai 2013

Son Ho Young Moved to Intensive Care Unit After Suicide attempt

Despite holding a briefing about Son Ho Young′s condition, the hospital currently treating the singer refused to open up on any specifics.
A rep from the hospital said at the official briefing held on May 24, "He′s out of critical condition. Still, because his body and mind are fairly unstable, we need to keep him at the hospital for two or three days to see how he does."
This was apparently all the official would say, as he turned down any further questions asked by the press.
When asked whether Son Ho Young had regained consciousness or whether he had said anything, the official merely said, "We don′t know."

Another official also said to questions about Son Ho Young′s condition, "We cannot reveal any private information about the patient. We can′t answer any questions. We hope you understand."
Officials are also trying to be careful not to bring harm to the other patients of the hospital.

One official said, "We′ve been receiving complaints about uncomfortable situations from the other patients. We understand why you′re so interested in Mr. Son Ho Young, but we hope you understand the situation the hospital is put in."
Son Ho Young was moved to the intensive care unit after being treated in the emergency room since early morning.
He was found by a passersby near his car this morning after it had caught fire in a suicide attempt.


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